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About Us

R I S I N G   S I G N S   -   S S 2 0   C A M P A I G N   -   L I V E   N O W !

From humble beginnings, the brand began 5 years ago, on a beach in Ibiza, with a single ten euro note. Originally just one simple product - hand-made festival flower crowns, which is where the name, De las Flores/ From the Flowers originates from.

Over the last 2 years, it has blossomed into the range of unique designs you see now. Our exclusive creations were born out of the love of a wanderer's lifestyle, exploring the world, and living your best life! The brand is not about quantity but quality! Classic, chic cuts and beautiful fabrics and 'slow-fashion' manufacturing.

The pieces are a statement, a lust for adventure and a style to match; flattering, versitle, sexy and edgy with a hint of classy sass...

De Las Flores crowns the free spirited, loves the planet and celebrates bold women!
Join us on our adventure and welcome to our gang of wanderers!



We recognise that chasing the sun over borders on your own time is a privelage and a luxury not everyone is able to access. This is why De Las Flores chooses to use its profits for good, not for evil! We use eco- friendly methods of production, give people a decent living wage, create no waste, use only biodegradble packaging and support women's organisations all around the world in effort to give back to the communities and places that inspired it in the first place.

Our Blog is coming soon where you can find out more and see exclusive never seen before pics...