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**-Stories & Insights: Made to Stray Collection-**

'Shadows turn to grey
A slave today
He cowered beyond reckless tracks of impulse
Made to stray around rough coasts
When grace is close to home...'

Made to Stray - Mount Kimbie

Get it?
I'm not going to lie to you, thinking of a name for the collections is my favourite bit - especially this one, being the big debut - the first glimpse at the brand, the foundations of all our work to come!
Coming from an art background, I can't help but love a good title and I really pat myself on the back for 'Made to Stray'. 

It touches on the concept of the designs - a wardrobe for the independent woman, the free spirit, a lust for adventure.
'Stray' is not the same as 'Explore'. It isn't a quest, it has no solid intent or explanation. To stray is to wander off the beaten track, go against the grain but also simply to wander for the love of wandering! 
It speaks of getting lost in imagination, trusting your spirit and seeing where life takes you instead of trying to force your way. It rolls with the punches.

It hints at a lifestyle where freedom is the only goal, be that from the general 'norm', the daily grind, 'the man' or oppressive, archaic systems that try and tell women what is right and wrong or how to live. 

It touches on Eve taking a cheeky bite of the apple just because she wondered! She can't help it, she was 'made to stray!'

Oh yeah... and it is a great album by electronic duo Mount Kimbie - If you haven't heard of it check it out! 

The debut collection was made up of designs that tried to get a feel for your inner rebel, while still being classy and versatile, but here are a few little insights that I hope you'll find interesting about the whole layout of the collection and the style of imagery!

O U T S I D E  &   I N S I D E 

I wonder if you spotted that our imagery was a little different from the traditional fashion product shots. This is actually something there will be a little more of in the new collection, for practicality reasons, but I am happy that we focused on the imagery we did for the first go round.
As you probably know, the brand is from Ibiza, and the shoot was shot here, with our main badass model and brand ambassador Holly Mattar. Many of the shots were outside, featuring run down buildings overgrown nature or graffiti and this was not just a style decision, settle down, i've got a good story for you:

As well as being one of the funnest places in the world, there is a real magic to Ibiza - anyone who has lived there for some time will tell you. For me though, it's fair to say the island saved my life. In 2013, to cut a long story short, I was the victim of some serious scale financial fraud in the UK. It was huge, brutal, and at the hands of someone I thought was one of my best friends. Turned out, that my bestie who I had lived with for almost 6 months was wanted in 4 countries for Fraud, and she took me for every penny I had. Bank account emptied and self esteem destroyed, I ended up homeless for around 7 months. It was then that I saved up £40 and brought the cheapest flight on EasyJet - thank GOD, that flight took me one way to the White Isle! I got a job in a little bar by the beach for 5 euro an hour and quit after 2 weeks! I thought to myself, 'great, homeless and skint and cold in the UK, still homeless, skint and hot in Ibiza!' I sat on the beach outside in the sun. I had myself a lil' cry! I was interrupted by a tourist, who came up to me to ask me where I got my flowers from. She pointed to the festival flower crown in my hair, that I had made for myself because I couldn't afford one and in 2013, they were a summer MUST! I gave her mine, straight off my head, and before i knew it there was a queue running all down the beach in San Antonio of girls waiting for me to make them some flowers! This day, my little flower company was born, and the story spread like wildfire! The local people believed they were lucky and the 'spirit of ibiza' was watching over them, so they would buy them to hang in their houses or cars!

The islanders began to refer to me as the 'Chica de las Flores' - The lady of the flowers / the Flower Lady. 

This is why the brand is named De Las Flores, though it may not be the easiest thing to say! It was brought to life, and indeed funded, solely by my blessed little flower company! So now do you get the shots? The rundown buildings? The graffiti? There are the designs, classy and flowing satins, luxury devores, 'Hotel Pikes' style edgy sass, but shot among rundown buildings and overgrowing plants in the streets.

...Something luxury and beautiful growing like a lotus flower from something broken and wild...

O U R   G A N G 

Instagram makes everything and everyone look all polished and shiny, but now you know my story, a few little designer insights and the imagery vibe I went for, to honour the beginning of the journey!
On a personal level,  I wanted to find some little, secret ways, to pay homage to the story behind the work! Subtle, little design responses to the birth of the brand, like when a director buries in a movie, little hidden in jokes for his friends! 

We may be small now, with only the 'Made to Stray' collection live online, but Spring is coming! We have beautiful new dreamt up styles for you, luxury fabrics, and flattering cuts. STAY WITH US GANG! Follow our progress on Instagram @_delasflores_ and CHECK OUT the clues in our stories and posts to try and guess the name of the new SS19 collection! 

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Our next diary entry will be about how we keep De Las Flores totally waste free! So eyes peeled for that! Be bold, be strong, be sassy - and if you haven't checked us out before then thank you and welcome to our gang wanderers!

Big love for 2019, 
Chica de las Flores xxx