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Versatile meets chic, why this Ibiza brand will instantly transform you into an every day rockstar.

“We siesta in the middle of the day and we party all night but then still hustle every single day.”

When I first met Kim Seymour, I instantly could feel a sense of warmth and excitement mixed into one. She was the kind of Ibiza cool, minimal and effortless, the it girl look that everyone wants.   
Her quirky designs and accessible fashion pieces not only make travelling lightweight a dream, you know you can chuck it on and look hot as fuck. If you’ve not heard of De Las Flores before, you need to get to know. It is perfect for those days when you find yourself at the beach in the day and in the club at night, this brand takes you from day chic to night rockstar seamlessly.

If you google the translation of De Las Flores, it means from the flowers and funnily enough, that’s exactly where this brand comes from after she coined the nickname the flower girl of Ibiza - or in Spanish `Chica de las Flores’.

I chatted with Kim last week about her memoir of her brand, the endurance of De Las Flores and the questions of resilience, especially during a challenging time she went through, After months of homelessness, with her last 30 pounds, she got out of the UK on the cheapest flight online at the time - and ended up in Ibiza.

“My life has always been a bit of a drama. My friends laugh that it’s a series of ecstatic highs and devastating lows. After a series of devastating lows, I was finally living an ecstatic high.”

“My flower company that had literally got me off the streets, had grown and was doing super well and as styling was such an integral part of my journey that I decided to start the brand.” Kim explains. 
Her flower company had blown up in almost every way imaginable. This was the start that Kim needed. “I hadn’t ever been to fashion school, so I had a lot to learn about designing and pattern making. I’m still learning a lot now and outfits are slowly but surely becoming more versatile and inclusive” Kim adds.
“The style is different in Ibiza” she says. “If you’ve not got makeup on you just look like you’ve been to the beach. If you look tired or a little bit dirty, it just looks like you’ve been partying like everyone else. I was able to regain my place in normal society, I started working in a little bar on the beach. One day sat outside contemplating what I should do next, and how to lift myself out of my situation, a girl asked me where I had my flower crowns from. I had made them. It was 2013 and they were all the fashion after Florence and The Machine wore them at Glastonbury. I gave her mine and her friend asked me if I could make her one too. Within an hour a winding queue had formed all the way down the beach and I had enough cash that day that I went and got myself a flat.”

For the next few years, Kim sold flowers up and down the beaches, that’s how her story began and that’s how her nickname the flower girl of Ibiza was born. 

Channelling this into her clothes, Kim wants every piece of her collection to reflect her life experiences.


How did you start it?

“After what I’d been through, an easy, lightweight day to night capsule wardrobe had become essential to me. Being able to have an easy slip dress on for the beach and then be able to style that easily to go straight out - that’s essential styling for someone without a base. Of course, my situation was unique but these days so many great girls are true wanderlusters, doing their work from anywhere and living their best lives, these pieces are for them too.

Why are the pieces so special and why do people buy and love the brand initially?

I always like making things that people can style differently and wear day to night and walk around like they’re rockstars! Of course, there are special party pieces in this collection because we can finally party again, but I like that we have a lot of ‘forever pieces’ I hate waste - I still reach for several pieces from the first ever collection all the time. 

What is the core messaged behind the brand? 

I guess just to inspire your inner rockstars! To be unapologetic and bold as well as to reflect the Ibiza lifestyle  - we work to live not live to work. We siesta in the middle of the day and we party all night but then still hustle every single day. The theory is that the bold should be able to party, work and beach in our pieces and stand out from the crowd.

When I did the first shoot for the brand, all the older pictures from the first campaign ever, it was outside in a run-down area, like it was from the streets. It is a boutique brand that I have done myself and it was foreshadowing where I had come from. 

Looking back, that’s why the emphasis is and was on versatility. I would literally be going from the beach to the club, so I was thinking how can I make it look like I should be here. I didn’t have a space to get changed, and this is where the mentality has come from in making day to night pieces. 

You don’t need to iron them, most of the pieces don’t crease and they’re lightweight. This is where my mentality has come from. 

The whole ethos behind the pieces and why they’re designed this way is from not having a base. Upon reflection, it works for people’s circumstances, for people who are always on the go and travelling and need something easy, or people like me, who didn’t have a base to start off with.”

What are your fave pieces? 

This year? I wear the black Eden dress literally every day and I’m not sorry. Seriously bury me in that dress. I love the black Freddie suit with the brown butterfly top underneath too …”

Making a DLF gang, Kim wants to create a community of people who are part of gang sharing the same thought but from anywhere in the world. With the same no fucks given attitude, doing their thing. 

From talking to Kim, I can see she wants to create her gang of like-minded people. Looking at today’s fast fashion brands, people only want them because it’s expensive, but with DLF, you wear it because you want to.

BRB, I’m going to go and max out my Amex on De Las Flores and become a fully-fledged member of the DLF gang. 

Niamh Kirk, June 2022